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I just couldn’t help myself! I was out on the back patio with mom and dad after dinner. Something caught my eye and then I spotted the critter-a bunny eating a discarded bagel mom had tossed out across the yard under a tree. I couldn’t take my eyes off him nimbling away like he owned the place. Dad was wondering if I would indeed go after it and Mom said she wasn’t sure. Well, something inside me said to ‘go for it’ and I went after that rabbit like there was no tomorrow! Mom said I was like a panther leaping across the yard! Big ears got away and dad nabbed me near the pond. Guess where I went next-inside. Well, I had all this hunting still in me and I torn around the house and messed up all the throw rugs.
Maybe I’ll get my chance again…tomorrow. ; )



  1. Congratulations, fearless hunter…you gave it your best effort. Don’t you just hate it when those bunnies act like they own YOUR yard? We have some of those, too, but aren’t allowed outside to get them!

  2. Am you comin to mine party this weekend Cosmo? We gots bunnies you can chase down here too!

  3. You’re so lucky that you get to hunt outside! I can only do my hunting inside because my human pet won’t let me out, but that’s ok. Sometimes, I get lucky, and a lizard will come into the house. He’s dead in no time, but it’s still fun!–>

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