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Sean thought I looked cute all curled up in the window so he took this and I didn’t even know it! I am being so careful with Mom’s junk, I mean glass stuff. Look at those eggs-still whole after about 3 weeks!
Mom said she’d make a few little cushions for me under the two little windows. All she does lately is play with tiles on the kitchen wall and say ‘ouch’ (they are glass ones).



  1. Woah…nice windowseat Cosmo! You look very comfortable there. Although I think you would be even more comfortable if she got rid of the junk stuff and put in some LARGE cushions, never mind little ones!

  2. I love sleeping under the vertical blinds in our dining room by the sliding glass door. It is so sunny and peaceful. However, you’re going to be living in the lap of luxury if your human pet makes you pillows. You lucky kitty!

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