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They all joke about my tail looking like that of a raccoon-ha ha-right?! So last night mom was going to bed and since the new front window still doesn’t have curtains, she saw that the motion detector light was on. She said she took a double take because she saw a striped tail and thought it was me going after the birdfeeder! The joke was on her. Especially since the varmint trambled down her newly planted Coral bells (she discovered today).
A few nights ago, mom bought me this mini-kitty that meows. I would love to chew the head off of that one. Plus she got some catnip and left it on the dining room table. Of course I’m going after it! She finally had to put it up high so I’d stop looking for it.



  1. All kitties am invited to mine purrthday party next month!! Puhlease come by & let us know if you will be coming & how many!

  2. We have racoons that raid our birdie feeders. They set off the motion detector light, too. Then Mom gets up to see who’s on our deck and scares them away.

  3. Mum saw a raccoon last week when she came home from the store. Not far away, so he may visit here sometime.

  4. Mom says my tail looks like a raccoon too when I get scared and it gets all poofy!

  5. We don’t have raccoons here. But we do have foxes, who have squashed my mum’s oriental poppies.

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