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Mom wanted me to go under this big flower and pose for you all-yes it’s a flower and it’s almost as tall as mom! (She says she is 5’2 1/2″)!
It was starting to rain and it may have been a good idea, but I took off down the path. Mom said this is a hollyhock. Doesn’t a ‘hock’ have something to do with a pig?



  1. That’s the biggest hollyhock my mum’s ever seen! She says you must have very fertile soil where you are.

  2. You were wise to leave the rain. I thought hocks were part of a horsie leg. And horsies kick, so watch out for big plants with hocks! Mom wants to know how big the flowers will be. She had one that had flowers as big as dinner plates, but they faded in one day!

  3. Hmmmm….”hock” is what I do with hairballs…

  4. That flower am BIGGER than mine Mom. She am only 5′ 1″!!

  5. The picture shows off your beautiful tail!

  6. Mom says she had hollyhocks when she was growing up. They remind her of home and gramma.

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