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Wow! A new toy for Cos!! It’s a big sink that I fit into (no sign of water-yet) and a hole right in the middle. And look what I can do!! It’s truly amazing.



  1. Be careful Cosmo! If you get your head stuck down that hole it could be kind of embarrassing for you…

  2. We are getting a new bathroom with a new sink & people potty. But we can’t stick our heads down either of ours like you can! Thats awesome!

  3. That looks like FUN! Did you see the pictors when Beau Beau stuck his paw up from unner the sink? He scared his mom big time.
    Cosmo, that sink would make a really bad collar.

  4. This am as funny as mine paw stickin’ out of the sinky hole! bwhaaahaaaa!

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