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Wow-this is so awesome! There is a birdfeeder to the left there. Mom said she needs to put that shiny stuff on the wood and will have to discourage me from getting up here. Bummer. I even tried the garden window in the kitchen which is like a glass box. I could really freak out some birds up in that one.
Dad took that one of me with the glowing eyes. Mom says she’s saving it for a Halloween photo!



  1. Ooh, nice window Cosmo! And that window seat looks just right for a kitty to lounge on. Wait till the varnish has dried though…

  2. Cosmo, that window is a purrfect napping and observation post. You gotta be able to sit there.

    Yes, the beans have to “finish” it. But once that is done, then you should be able to sits there.

  3. DISCOURAGE YOU from getting up there? They built that for you didn’t they??

  4. OH! I LOVE it! MMMOOOOOMMMMM, I want one! Love your glowy eyes too!

  5. Cool window ledge, Cosmo. We want one!

    Tell you Mom to put some cushions or a blankie up there for you so you don’t scratch the wood. Then you can be comfy and she won’t worry about the woodwork.

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