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Mom’s at it again! She moved the furniture and all her ‘stuff’ away from the front windows in the living room. She decided to get a new bay window for there to update the house and make the room look lighter and bigger. The workers are suppose to come tomorrow. Thing is, she doesn’t even have the kitchen finished yet! Some of those workers are slowpokes, especially the ones who are cutting the countertops.
So she caught me taking a bath-I was on lick 3,054 to be exact.



  1. A bay window! The better to see the birdies from my dear!It is so annoying to have worker people around the house, invading our sacred space. We like everything to be the same, day after day, no surprises. But the sindow sounds great!

  2. More workmen…well, that’s not good, disturbing the peace for a law-abiding kitty! But I am sure you’ll enjoy the bay window when you get it. Make sure to tell your mum you will need a nice wide windowseat suitable for a kitty to lounge on.

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