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That’s how many times ma says I licked myself this morning (and yesterday too) when I got up and laid next to her butt in bed. Said it was like that ‘Rent’ song. She lets me up from the basement on the weekends and feeds me and hops back in bed. I find her, climb on her and usually leave and come back again. She said I was really annoying this weekend and touched me to make me stop licking my fur-I lost count dang-it! I also put my teeth on her hand.
I did a bad thing to the new kitchen floor. When I was kicking the heck out of the fringy throw rug out there, I went overboard and jumped up and ran like a crazy Looney Tunes character with the spinning feet! Dad saw some scratches on the floor. Ma was not happy as the floor is only 2 days old! Yikes. Looks like I’m getting my front claws clipped every week now.



  1. No need to worry about a few marks on the floor, Cosmo. All you need to say is “Who do you love more…me or the floor?” We know what the answer will be.

  2. Harumpff. A cat’s gotta lick.
    Tell your dad the scratches add character.

  3. We have wooden floors in our house, they are old and not very shiny. The humans say they aren’t gonna redo them until we all get older too. I like our dull floors, we can put all the scratches we want on them and never get into trouble.

  4. Dad says I’ve scratched the bed. It was here before me an I like to walk along the footboard. I fink I also scratched the new dresser, but I wasn’t apposed to be up there (shhh).

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