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Here’s a cool cat house, scratcher and whatever found over at Velocity (thanks to Shopping Blog for pointing ma there). The thing is corrugated cardboard, which I like as mentioned earlier. Can I borrow $290 from someone to get this?



  1. That is a very cool thing. I would like one, except I am not sure the holes in it are designed for cats of my…er…stature?

    Your kitchen floor looks good, by the way, hope to see pictures of the whole thing when it’s finished!

  2. WE WANT ONE!!!!!!!

  3. For that price, I’m not sure my people would let me use it! But it sure looks like fun. I like my cube from Walmart good enough.

  4. momma said if anyone gets furniture that cost that much it is gonna be her…Oh well, it’s still a cool scratcher

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