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Here’s the new floor out in the kitchen-it’s purrfect! I had to have my harness on for 5 hours today while those slowpoke installers made a lot of dust and noise out in the kitchen. I thought this was over now! I heard ma talking to a lady about windows. Geez, will it ever end?
And I really am starting to love cardboard-it’s cool to lay on and has a nice smell.
I almost furgot-after mom took the harness off, I scrambled downstairs to use the litterbox-whew, that was a long time to hold my water!



  1. Aw what a beautiful cat.

  2. You should have the box near you just in case. It is a nice floor.

  3. It’s not easy to hold it that long! You’re a good kitty and deserve some treats. I bet that new floor is nice an slippery.

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