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The second day (Friday) of the kitchen thingie went better. Mom’s dim lightbulb in her head finally went off and she got the dreaded purple cat harness. She put it on me and brought me in the family room and tied me to a few places. When I calmed down, I climbed on her lap. This is what I wanted and needed all along. Then she got up and I stayed on the soffie and was happy the rest of the day. I got to outside a bit too.
Ma did give me the new litterbox for in place of the old one. I have to really maneuver in it as it’s missing the ledge the other one had that I would use to perch on to piddle. It smells better too!



  1. After everything you’ve been through, you deserve a lot more than just a new litterbox! But we have to take what we can get, don’t we?

  2. How is the kitchen getting along, is it finished yet? I’m sure you will like exploring it when it is. Trust you to get stuck down the hole!

  3. You sound real acrobatic when you pee. Sorry this has been such a rough time for ya.

  4. My harness is purple too! Mom says when she tied Bonnie up in her harness, she wrapped the tether around efurryfing. Mom tried tying it to a toolbox, an she pulled the toolbox behind her, into the house!

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