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I really got myself in a stew Friday night. I went out into the new kitchen and was investigating. The place doesn’t really have that many smooth surfaces to jump up onto yet! I jumped up on one of the only spots that does and there was a triangle-shaped corner with no counter. I could see all the way down to the floor. Well, you guessed it, my curiosity got the best of me and down I went! It was way too small and then I couldn’t get out again as the sides of the cabinets were slippery. I stretched my feet way up, but I just couldn’t boost myself out. Mom had to climb up on the cabinet and reach way down and grab me by the scruff of my neck like my cat mama did. I was out! Mom said some of her fingers hurt for hours because of having to grab me that way. At least it wasn’t her neck! I am fine, no problem. I won’t be going into tight corners ever again!



  1. Luckily you were saved! Have you considered competing in the Catolympics in the “fitting in small spaces” category?

  2. Was that the Bur-mooda triangle? I’ve heard that fings disappear there furever! I’m glad you’re safe.

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