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So I had to be closed in one of bedrooms today! I slept through most of the noise, but when I wanted to get out, they wouldn’t let me! So I managed to paw the door open and escape, right out the opened back door and no one even noticed. Mom saw the bedroom door opened and quickly went outside and was calling me. Dad is the one who nabbed me around the corner of the house! Darn-it! Back in the bedroom I tried to escape again and mom hit her head hard on the door frame. So she tied the door knob to the other door knob and I was in there for hours. I had food and my litterbox, but I cried and cried and kept looking out the windows.
When I finally got let out, I couldn’t believe all the weird smelly men stinkiness in my kitchen-if it really is my kitchen. It looks so different! Man, it better have a special cabinet for me somewhere out there!



  1. That sounds like torture to me Cosmo. If you need a place to hide out man……..

  2. Poor Cosmo! I wouldn’t run outside, but I wants to asplore the big room wif the monsters (sounds like car-odge). I hope the new kitchen has a special place for your dishes! Beans don’t always fink of us in their designs.

  3. Poor you, Cosmo! I hope you like the new kitchen when it is finished. Come and stay with me if it all gets too much for you.

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