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Mom said it’s been a rough week. I have not been myself in the mornings at all. I bellyache around 8 am and wake mom up. She’s a nightowl, so 8 is way early. And I do this after the guys are up. I wish they would pick me up and pet me or just talk to me. I need attention. A few mornings I got up on the bed and mom talked to me and I snuggled next to her and went to sleep. Mom is not happy when she is in a middle of a great dream and she hears me crying-‘for no reason’. Geez.
I think being outside on my own triggered my ‘wild side’ or something. I want to go out all the time now. Mom walked me around the yard yesterday (on the purple harness) but wouldn’t let me get too close to the bank and I hissed and pulled a fit. I did get to go around the entire yard though. I like the smells. Hmmm…maybe I just need a nibble of sweet spring grass!



  1. I have been miaowing a lot today for no apparent reason (so my humans think). Eventually my mum worked out I was attention-seeking and I needed to make up for all the lap time I missed out on when she was away this week. Once I was on her lap all snuggled up I stopped miaowing. Also I miaowed today because she cleaned out the pond and upset my frogs and newts.

  2. We’ve been going nuts listening to all the birds chirping like crazy in the mornings.

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