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So this naked window (almost) was just too tempting and I had to get a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the outside. Dad just had to catch me with my back hair up (naughty sign) and here I am backing carefully off the sink.
My ma said take a good look at this ugly kitchen because in less than 3 weeks it will be a beautiful place where she will make me homemade kitty treats. She didn’t say that last part, but I sure hope she is inspired to make me goodies.



  1. Warning! Our Dad re-did our kitchen a couple years ago & it was all bang-bang-bang & noise & swearing for weeks. Hope yours goes smoother.

  2. The view will probably remain the same if the window don’t move. Agree that you will have lots of noise.

  3. Yes, I fear you have some weeks of banging and mess and annoyance ahead of you, but then it will be lovely and your mum will be all happy. And of COURSE she will make you homemade kitty treats! We had our bathroom replaced 2 years ago and Hattie and I had to keep finding quiet places to hide from all the workmen and the noise and dust. Not fun. But lovely when finished.

  4. Hey guys! She’s putting in a garden window there-can you imagine-it will be like a glass cat view booth for me! She is also getting a bay windown in the living room for me to have another place to look at of. So considerate. : )

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