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Mom had this man over yesterday measuring windows-weird, but if I get a new place to look out, ok. So the guy went to the front door and opened it to look at the overhang. He didn’t see me sitting right there and out I went. No one knew it for a long time. My human bro Sean happened to look out the dining room window and there I was walking ‘freely’ across the backyard.
Let me tell you I was like a bird out of it’s cage as it was a glorious day.
Of course mom walked slowly over to me, talking in a high voice telling me to ‘come to mommy’ (geez). I almost got under a sticky bush when she nabbed me! All is good as I got some treats when I got inside. I was so excited about being in the great outdoors that I couldn’t eat them all.



  1. Eeep! Mom tooked me out once on a leashy thing and I didn like it at all. I huddled by the door, shed all ofur her, an hid behind the fur-nace for an hour. Good fing you were res-qued quick!

  2. You are lucky, mum caughted me the other night before I gotted out. Lucky you to get some freedome, even if brief.

  3. Ack! Too many rude cats and Sticky Little People in the outdoors for my tastes. You’re a brave kitty….!

  4. I did the same thing the other day, snuck out on mom real fast when she opened the door. She did all that silly calling too…embarrassing…….–>

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