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Man, I’m a bit embarrassed by my back hair (but you haven’t seen my dad’s back hair-gross). It’s like nobody else in kitty blogland has this problem. Mom says she can tell when I am going to be naughty because of my Pepe LePew give away black stripe (Pepe’s was white of course!)
It does make me feel like part of me is ratting on me in advance-do you know what I mean? I should really put more spit on that area to hold the fur down then they will never know what I’m feeling.



  1. Don’t be embarassed and look upon this as a negative thing! Put the spin on it and turn it into a positive thing. Maybe like a superhero trait or something. Not every cat can do it!!

  2. I don’t think having sticky up back hair is a bad thing, Cosmo. It makes you Special, is what I think.

  3. Hi Cosmo, I just found your blog.
    It’s unique that your furs stick up like that. I’m a DLH and my fur sticks out all over the place.
    If you want it to lay down, I can have my bruddy, Lucky, teleport over to you and give you a bath. He gives me baths and it helps my fur not stick out so much.

  4. Mom’s hair sticks out from static all winter ’cause it’s so dry here. Is that the same thing?
    We agree with the Crew…it is quite possibly a cat superhero trait!

  5. Wow, I never noticed bout my hair, but Diva Kitty (I fink) once said her darned ears gave away what she was bout to do. Bonnie’s tail thumps when she’s mad. Wonder what I do?

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