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This is me really getting a good smell outside today. Mom let me out for a few minutes (minus the harness-can you believe it?) I had a rough morning. I barfed twice after breakfast and gagged too. Dad got to clean that up. Sean said I ate way too fast. Sometimes when I get food I don’t like the day before, I gobble up the food the next day as I am starving.
I tried to get on mom’s lap a few times, but she was noisy and all the talking on the phone she was doing gave me a headache. I spent a lot of time under the sofa to chill.
Hey, does the fur stand up down the middle of your back like mine does?



  1. We got to go out today to sniff the air too! Spring is coming! Scooby eats too fast much of the time too and barfs also. That hair on the back certainly looks unique. Like a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog! -Shaggy

  2. Well, we only get to sniff through the screen, since we’re not allowed out at all. But Mom opened the patio doors, and it’s really starting to smell like spring – you know – birdies, chipmunks, squirrels & such, that walk on our deck.

    We don’t think any of us can make our back hair stand up like yours.

  3. Hey Cosmo, I have been outside sniffing the spring today too! See pictures of me on my blog. No, my hair does not stand up like yours – it is kind of cool though!

  4. Oh yes, I forgot to say that I added you to my blog links!

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