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About a minute before the hour this morning, I pushed open mom’s bedroom door and jumped on her to get her lazy butt out of bed(she said not to say ‘what’ hour) ! Am I not a punctual fellow? How many of you know when the hour is coming up? Man I’m good. Must be all the nip.



  1. Hey Cosmo! I am also a brilliant kitty alarm clock, I regularly jump on the bed to wake up my humans within 5 mins before the alarms go off (my humans have 3 alarms because they are very dozy). I am also very clever because I know the difference between weekdays and weekends and I jump on the bed a bit later at weekends!

  2. If you didn’t do that she’d prolly be late for all kinds of things. She should be glad you care enough to do that!

  3. I know and I make sure mom gets up when she’s supposed to. They need us to help keep them on schedule.

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