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Poor kitty….
It wasn’t exactly the way Piper’s owners hoped he would come down, but the good news is he’s okay. Piper the cat had been stuck in a tree for eight days when help arrived on Monday to rescue the frisky feline. But as the cat’s rescuer grew closer, Piper climbed higher. It wasn’t long before a tiny branch gave way and Piper went flying 80 feet. On the way down, the cat struck a branch, which may have broken his fall.After a brief search, Piper’s owner, Rodney Colvin of Summerville, South Carolina, managed to pull the cat from his hiding place underneath a car. Colvin said Piper appeared to be fine, but he took him to the vet to make sure.



  1. Goodness gracious! We hope he doesn’t let Piper outside anymore.

  2. Poor kitty! I am glad Piper is OK. What a lucky escape. I am a sensible kitty who stays on ground level, unlike those evil intruder cats who climb up on the roof of our garden shed and taunt me. One of them once got stuck on the shed roof and I laughed!

  3. Minus one life. Maybe this is why mum doesn’t let me outside. We saw this on tv.

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