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The door was ajar to the family room closet and my undying curiosity made me want to go in and look for the
packrats I’ve heard mentioned way too often in this house! Aren’t rats like mice? I think they are. So I got the door opened enough so I could get in and started to climb on this pile of stuff. Are they kidding? Where are the rats? No way could I even look for them in this mess. Here I am ‘caught in the act’. Please don’t let this all coming a tumbling down! I never even got a whiff of one-rats!
By the way, is that a thigh master I see? Hee hee!



  1. Holy Moly!! Tell them they could sell all that stuff on e-bay & make a fortune. Then turn it around into cat toys & nip.

  2. SS&S definitely have a good idea. You can never have too many feathers & glitter balls. Also a good-looking guy like you would have no use for a thigh master!

  3. Looks like the study in our house. My mum is always saying she’s going to clean it up and then not doing it…I bet you can find some good stuff to play with in there!

  4. Looks like our place too! I don’t see how you could even FIND a rat (or a mouse) in that! Good luck!

  5. Oh, our house is like that, too, but mostly in the puter room and basement room and closets. And you should see my boy’s room! It’s wonerful for asploring, but I don’t know where the floor is! When I asplore in there, sometimes they can’t find me! Maybe packrats leave all that stuf behind when they move on to another house?–>

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