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Just leave me be. I watched the white stuff come down through my ‘port hole’ from my perch around 6 am. It makes the outside very uninteresting, esp when mom forgot to fed the birdies. Not much too look at (it hurts my eyes too!) and it’s so darn quiet.
One thing I do know is the way it makes my feet feel and that is not the greatest feeling in the world-having little paws made out of ice cubes. I am a guy that loves heat. I’ll stick my feet in the floor duct is I have to.
Don’t leave the front door open to see if I am remotely interested in looking outside… I am not. Just feed me and keep those little sacks of cosmic nip coming my way.



  1. Mom likes snow and I like to watch it coming down, but that’s about it. Just let me take a nap in my nice warm bed.

  2. Cosmo, what a handsome picture of you – all silvery!

  3. Hi there…..nice tamecha…..we are in the paw contest too..all three of us…..

  4. Why thank you! Do you know that Cosmo means beautiful in Greek? One reason why I was named that. ; )
    May the best paws win!

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