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The gang over at Catnip Anonymous are right! That stuff is totally awesome! Mom brought me a sewed up sack of it from the grocery store. I had to find it in one of the 12 bags too!
I rubbed my face on it and then bit the heck out of it. Half an hour later, it was a soggy mess and I was passed out in my bed. I was such a happy boy.
Thanks ma.



  1. Too much cosmic ‘nip and we’ll have to do an intervention for you.
    Take it easy!


  2. Welcome to the happy land of kitty crack heaven!

  3. I’m on my third day of trying to rip that bag open. It is turning greenish and very slobbered on. I left it on the coffee table for mom and she almost had a fit! I was just saying ‘thank you’. ; (

  4. You better check out Catnip Anonymouse

  5. Yep, it’s good!!

  6. Oh, lovely catnip. It was nice of you to share with your mom, but really, beans don’t appreciate the finer qualities of good nip.

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