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What is with human’s ugly, hairless feet? Just compare them to our delicate paws and pink pads.
We actually clean our feet more than they do too. And what’s with hiding them in those sockie things? Mom has them on around the house. I don’t like when she nudges me with her sockie foot, I will bite at it every time.
Humans think they are so cool with their shoes too. They make a big fuss when they bring a new pair home. Don’t you dare put anything on my feet. And ha ha, we have four cute feet compared to your two! The boxes the shoes come in are so much fun, forget the feet and shoes, will you?



  1. I love shoe boxes too. Well, any box is good really. The best thing about feet is sitting heavily on your human’s feet so they can’t go anywhere!!

  2. Hi Cosmo!! We just found your blog and it’s great. Come visit us, we are having a contest of pix of cat paws becos paws are the coolest! Hope to see you there!

    F & B

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