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My little animated gif of the cat in the potty room provided some ‘litterbox’ issues to arise in my comment section. Mainly where my fellow fur pals ‘go’. Personally, I have to go all the way down to the basement to do my duty. And why does everyone think it’s so funny because I perch on the side of the box to piddle?
Mom and Dad can’t make up their minds about the litter content. It was that sandy stuff but Mom said it was too dirty. NowI am going in the crystal stuff that looks like gravel. Not too soft on the paws. It still has some dust, but Mom says her sinuses are better for some reason. The box is in the basement not under your bed, ma!



  1. We really don’t have a preference when it comes to litter so our Mom buys whatever’s on sale. As long as the box is CLEAN (Mom!!, we don’t care what the brand name is.

  2. We have a really big box in the basement, and a ROUND box upstairs in one of spare rooms. We don’t care what kind of litter it is, as long as it can fly really well when we dig.–>

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