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My mom was sitting on the floor a lot last night. Not just in one spot, but in several spots. I think she does this to get closer to me! She seems to be sorting through lots of paper-little pieces, book size, you name it. I actually like sitting on the papers sometimes. So last night I tried to get in mom’s lap while she was sorting. She snuggles me and all, but takes me off so she can resume what she is doing. This lady is always sorting something. Too bad she can’t make money doing it!
Anyway, mom was sitting next to this bowl of ceramic balls. Not only are they big, but they are cold. She took one out and rolled it at me, not once, but several times! Finally, I could take it no more and I started to kick the ball with my back feet! It rolled and rolled because I could get a grip on to it. Mom started to laugh her head off! She said I looked like a circus dog! Man, that stinks! But to make her laugh is special to me. Glad she thought I was funny.


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