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So you want to tease a cat? Get a bag of sunflower seeds and fill up not one, but two birdfeeders with them. The one is okay, I can watch the birds from my basement window perch. But please, don’t take me outside near the one in the front. That drives me crazy! I start moving my mouth fast because I can just taste that crunchy little critter! The feeder is right next to a huge evergreen tree, so the birds like to hop around inside it’s branches. Yesterday, I saw one and got really low to the ground and scooted along the stone path (no harness). Darn, it got away!
Today I actually got under the tree and mom had a ‘bird’ herself! Actually, she wasn’t yelling and I came out in a few minutes. But she wiped off my back and in I went. It was too windy and noisy anyway. Maybe next time…


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