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Tonight mom was busy at that noisy machine that spits out thread and fabric. She was making little rectangles for some reason. Then she turned them inside out and added that soft stuff, my catnip stash(!) and crumbled up waxpaper to the middle and sewed them up. She made 6-4 that had silly cats on them and two dark blue ones with fishes decorating them. Dad said to give me one, so she picked out one of the cartoonie cats-ugh! She stuck it in my bed. After she got on this machine, I snuck up and got one of the fish ones off the table. I kicked and bit the heck out of it. It’s cool! So mom found the wet one and took the clean one out of my bed. She’s making them for poor homeless kitties. And next she is making little kitty mats. What a gal. ; )


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