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So I had to go to the blasted vet for my shots. I really hate the cat carrier as I feel so trapped in there. I make a fuss the entire time I am in it and the van. Sean was nice enough to help mom (and he came down with a mini-migraine after dinner too). We got there early and guess what they had in a big cat condo cage? Three little kittens who lost their mittens (I can’t help myself!) They were only 6 weeks old and black and white and so tiny. I just stared at them through my carrier.
I was taken in the exam room and got weighed-13 pds-13oz, up 7 oz from last year. Then Doc Wendy came in and gave me my Rabies and Distemper (I think) and I didn’t even flinch. I am a brave dude. Doc said I was handsome though I had a little tartar on my back teeth. She suggested I get my teeth cleaned there sometime in the future. HA!
So I did sulk back into the carrier and ma gave me a treat and off we went. It was only a 45 minute ordeal. Glad the kittens stayed put!
Speaking of kittens, dad wanted mom to adopt a 3 week old kitten who needed to be bottlefed. Mom said she couldn’t break my heart and take care of a baby and not like in my territory. And if it died, she would feel like it was her fault. Sorry dad, this is a one cat household.


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