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Mom was coming in her darkened room after a shower, and I was crouched near her scale. I didn’t want to get weighed or see her get weighed (ugh). I had found a bag of cat nip! I startled mom because she thought I was hiding in her room because I didn’t feel well. She didn’t know how good I was feeling actually! I was rubbing my head on that little bag of stash. She was laughing at me. Just for that, I left. I would get my revenge later. I went back in her room, torn open that bag of nip and I spread it all over her favorite throw rug! I pulled out a necklace, a sock and some papers! I had a jolly good old time in there. Later, mom found the nip all over the place and scolded me. That was after I had my munchie attack and begged for pieces of chocolate malted milkballs. Ahhh. I love the nip!


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