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Dad got me ready to go out with that blasted choking device. Mom was about 25 feet away and she could hear all the hassle Dad had with getting me in the harness from inside! Anyway, Dad brought me over to mom who was sitting on the green bench near the pond. I really am not crazy about that area with the water splashing and all, but I went over to be with my ma. I even decided to get up on the bench and sit next to her! She liked that.
After a while, mom was getting warm and wanted to go in. She gets me moving pretty good on that leash! As I hopped down off the bench, I did a double take! There was an ugly green thing in the grass near the pond, about half my size. I walked gingerly over to it and put out my paw to touch it. I was kinda scared. Then I decided to see if I had to kill this thing and actually touched it! It was warm from the sun and didn’t move-it was a fake green frog! Whew! I was more than happy to move away from that with a tug of the leash. I stopped to look into the waterfall part of the pond first. Am I getting brave or what?



  1. Oh Cossie, you are going to be the bravest kittie I know. These frogs are pretty big and you had no way of knowing if it was real or not – only by touching.

    your cousins are very impressed, especially Lella – you’re her hero now. Mine too…
    lots of love from
    Auntie C

  2. I usually get a reward for bravery like a dollop of whipped cream or some cat treats.
    Cosmo’s mom said the big green frog use to be motion activated to make a ‘rippit’ sound when anyone walked by. : )

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