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I wish you could have seen it!
Mom took me out on the harness for a late afternoon romp before she started dinner. She put on her flip flops and out the front door we went. As we neared the end of the hedge, I heard something that caught my attention inside the hedge. I stopped dead in my tracks and mom was looking to see what was going on and a bumblebee got on her right big toe and stung her! She let go of the leash and was saying Ouch really loud and it scared me. Forget the hedge dweller! I took off for the front door. Mom was frantic and called Sean. When she saw me standing there waiting to go in, she was grateful, but she said I was like a dog! How dare she say that about me! Anyway, mom’s toe hurt her a bit and why she put baking soda on it is beyond me. And there wasn’t any stinger as bumblebees don’t leave theirs behind like wasps. Lucky mom!


One Comment

  1. Poor Cosmo baby!
    But your cousin Spike can tell you that it is not really all that bad to be a dog….

    Anyway,I feel sorry for your mommy. Stinger or no stinger left behind (it’s not wasps, it’s honey bees that are mean like that) it still must have hurt her a LOT. I hope you were extra nice to her and gave her lots of kisses and cuddles…

    Tell your mommy, I said Hi and that she has a beautiful garden!

    Lots of love from Auntie C

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