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Mom’s been letting me stay out longer and longer on the harness these days. We now wonder around various parts of the yard. All this wondering is putting my nose on overtime! I can’t get enough of sniffing plants and bushes! Sometimes what I smell grosses me out and I turn away and leave my mouth open a bit. I do this after Sean sticks his finger in my mouth (why?).
Tonight mom walked (and dragged) me around the entire house! If I could have gotten away I would have. I freaked out a bit when we went by the cars. That reminds me of the yearly vet trip. But I had a great adventure and am a bit jittery by it all.
A little bit later, Dad took me out and I was just getting into ‘outside’ mode and he whipped me in. I was so mad I bit him on the hand and drew blood! Opps, I really didn’t mean to get so angry. I love the taste of freedom!


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  1. Dear Cosmo,

    I know what you mean. I like freedom too. Or at least I think I do. Yesterday daddy left the front door open and I made a dash for it, straight under the neighbours car. Then daddy went after me and I got scared that he would scold me, so I moved on to the end of the street and hid in somebodies backgarden. I only came back once mommy promised me that daddy would not be mad. So then I let her pick me up and carry me back home but I still got punished with the waterbottle mommy uses to spray her flowers with.

    I think I wont be going out on my own again for a while,
    your cousin

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