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My mom’s friend said that she likes mom’s kind of busy when she can have a blog about her cat! Come on Auntie C, I know you love your upsidedown kitty from across the Atlantic. ; )
So here’s what I do every morning:
Someone lets me up from the basement (use to be Sean, now it’s Dad during the week and Mom usually on the weekends). I cry for food. I gobble it up if it’s palatable, if not I let the food ‘ripen’ up and maybe it will taste better. For the past few weeks, I venture down the hallway and push open mom’s bedroom door and jump up and walk on her. Most times she pushes me off and I just get very close to her and snuggle and we both go to sleep. I do like a few pets on the head first though.
When mom gets up, I do too. She gets her breakfast and heads for the sofa. I am usually very interested in what she has to eat and if I bat my eyes a few times, I’ll get a taste. Then when Mom is finished, I’ll settle on her lap for a bit.
Last week my world turned upside down in a bad, non-Cossy way. Mom didn’t want me on the bed with her and pushed me away! I was mortified! I hung my tail and went and settled in my bed. When she got up I stayed put. When she went on the sofa, I didn’t budge. My feelings were hurt like you wouldn’t believe it.
Mom did apologize to me later and things are back in a routine again. Thank goodness.


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  1. LOL…
    Cossy, you got that right – Auntie C loves you like crazy – but then you are just the cutest kittie boy.

    I am sorry that you and Mommy had a little upset in your routine. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well that day. I am just glad that you kissed and made up.

    To tell you a secret just between you and I – I am a little jealous that your Mom can be a stay at home mom and I have to leave your cousins Koko and Lella every morning. I would love to snuggle with them a little longer some time but I have to get up and go to work – you know how it is. Catfood is so expensive nowadays – especially if you want the good stuff!
    Well gotta go, love hugs and kisses and a nice tummy rub too.

    Auntie C

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