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Me on the prowl outside. Posted by Hello

So mom likes to put this terrible restraint on me when we go out. It just doesn’t seem fair when a guy like me wants and smells freedom. I even learned to say ‘out’. Really! I didn’t like mom putting that loop around my neck at first. She had to teach me to get use to it. I eventually did after many reward sessions. The part that goes under my tummy is another story. I want to nip her or the guys when they fasten that hook! But I know I get to go out into the big world. When I haven’t been out for a while I come to a halt at the door. The noise of the cars and trucks kinda scares me. Then I get use to it all except for really big bangs and rattles of heavy equipment. That almost scares the poo out of me.
I take in too big of a sniff sometimes and then I feel a sneeze coming on. People think it’s so funny when cats sneeze for some reason. Then I either lay, roll in dust or hunt out some grass to chew on. Mom says the grass will make me throw up, but I love it so much!
The other day mom had me near her when she was weeding and planting and extended my leash a few feet. She said I was being ‘bad’, worse than Sean was when he was little. I was trying to sit on the outside of the basement windowsill and got all tangled in a bush. Then I walked on the handle of the garden cart. Mom tried to keep me out for about 15 minutes but I was too edgy and wouldn’t lay down. Then I get tossed in the front door and cry ‘out’ again 10 minutes later. I promise I will be good, I really do!


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