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Last year at my yearly vet’s appointment, I decided not to freak out and after sniffing around the doggie smelling exam table, I decided to ‘sphinx out’. That of course means to sit with all my feet tucked under similar to an Egyptian sphinx statue. Well you know what I mean, correct? I saw mom and Sean relax and breath a sign of relief. I knew I felt fine and was on the trim side, so I let that lady vet (one of the three lady vets) poke and even give me a needle, I was going home! No neutering (I blocked that nightmare from my mind). So because I was so calm, I started to purr a little. Well, didn’t all the people there just think I was too cute?! I was petted like crazy and told I was pretty. And when it was time to go home, I walked right back into that cramped little carrier. I still cried going home as I had going there, but that’s me. Maybe this year I will ‘act up’ a bit. It’s good to keep them on their toes.


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