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So they left me in the basement for 4 days last week while they went ‘on vacation’. Some vacation for me! I had my ‘real’ litterbox plus this half-arsped one made out of a big gift box. Now the old man knows I can’t perch on the edge of a flimsy cardboard box to piddle. I didn’t even do one squirt in that fake box. My red box was getting really nasty by the 4th day. Not by what I could sniff out, but mom and Sean said it was stinky down there when they finally graced me with their presence. So what if I had three beds and 2 scratching posts? And what was the deal with ALL that dry food? Geez, I was starving by the time they got in. And talk about smelling weird. I couldn’t smell myself on any of them! Mom thought it was funny to leave me her pillowcase. Yeah, that really helped when I hacked up a hairball Sunday night. Some comfort. Not a whiff of catnip anywhere either. And don’t let me forget about the radio! They left it on and it kept me awake!
I do love them all though, especially the soft lady with the high voice. I’d take two of her if I could. I’m a big ol’ softie.


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